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Q: Why do people do business with us?
A: We have been delivering top quality entertainment and services for over 35 years. We save you a lot of time. We are State Licensed, Bonded and Insured. You are additionally insured on our policy (some exclusions apply). We cover all your needs. You write one check and/or one 1099.

Q: Why should I hire an agency when I can do it myself?
A: Organizing any event is extremely time-consuming and can be stressful. You probably already have a full schedule! Why load it up by handling event details from the trenches, when you can manage them through one, professional point-of-contact who will take care of all your needs and keep you actively in the loop from concept through delivery?

Q: But won’t that cost me an arm and a leg?
A: You’ll be pleasantly surprised! Our prices are competitive in the industry. You set your budget; then we’ll find just the right elements to fit within it. Hiring an agency is the way to ensure your costs don’t get out-of-hand, as they tend to when you’re buying the pieces item-by-item.

Q: How much input will I have in getting exactly the kind of entertainment I want? I have some pretty specific ideas.
A: That’s great! Through our 35 plus years of experience and our established relationships, we have literally thousands of entertainers, speakers, and vendors to choose from. You tell us what you want. We’ll find the perfect match for your event!

Q: There will be 5,000 people attending this event. Can you handle that kind of crowd?


Q: This is my daughter’s 3rd birthday party with only about 10 friends. Will you do something that small?
A: In a word to both questions, YES! We’ve done every type of event you can think of, from red carpet, Hollywood events and Fortune 500 corporate events, to backyard birthday parties and weddings. We’re up for your event, however big or small!

Q: You’ve got me interested…but why should I hire YOU?
A: Because JAM Entertainment & Events is a state licensed, bonded and insured talent agency and event production company with over 35 years’ experience, and more than 3,500 acts and services.

• We carefully screen our talent and vendors, and represent only competent professionals with proven track records. No Duds!

• We are a continuing source of work/revenue for our talent. Because of that, we have the leverage to negotiate their best prices for your event. That’s money in your pocket!

• We provide you with a friendly, professional single-point-of contact whose job it is to work with you to make your event the success you envision! You manage your event; we do the work!

• We take care of contract negotiations, booking, and payment for all the elements of your event. We streamline your process. You have a single contract with us; you write one check to us. We save you a whole lot of headaches and paperwork!

• We guarantee our services! It’s that plain and simple!

Do you have other questions? Call us! Let us answer your specific questions and help you decide if hiring us to plan your event is a viable option for you. We’re at your service!

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